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30 Days return

We at Stunning Jewelry provide a 30-day return policy, so you can make sure your order is ideal. If you are dissatisfied with your item for any reason, you have 30 days from the date of shipment to return it for a total refund using the original payment method.

  • You can return any pre-designed Ring styles for a complete refund using the original payment method.
  • For return, you must contact our representative and they will help you to get a shipping label, you must pay for return shipping charges.
  • All products that you returned must be in their original, unworn state and come with all the original paperwork that came with the transaction.
  • A $100 replacement fee will be applied to returns without the lab grown diamond certificate (if applicable). This applies to each missing card.
  • Refunds are not accepted for anything that has been altered, engraved, or resized by businesses other than Stunning Jewelry.
  • Any indication of wear or damage would prevent a return from being accepted.
  • Refund requests will not be entertained for products that were refused delivery.
  • We reserve the right to prevent Returns Abusers from using the website, restrict their access, or cancel their accounts.

Return & Refund

1. Return process:

  • To start return you must contact our representative.
  • We will email you a FedEx delivery label with your Return Authorization Number if your order qualifies. The period of validity for the Return Authorization Number is seven (7) days.

2. Return preparation:

  • Please enclose your return packing slip, any diamond certificates, and the entire original packaging.
  • $100 will be deducted from your refund if the diamond certificate is not returned.
  • Keep the original jewelry box with the item or items of jewelry within.
  • Pack your jewelry in its jewelry box and place it inside a mailing box. We advise using the original shipping box that came with your order, but you can also get a FedEx box at your neighborhood FedEx office.
  • Inside the shipping box containing the jewelry, place the return packing slip.
  • After stuffing the goods into a bigger shipping box, shut it up and attach the prepaid label to the outside of the package. Please do not write jewelry, diamonds, or other related words anywhere on the package for security reasons.

3. Return Shipping:

  • Send it to the relevant FedEx or UPS location that is closest to you as per instruction by a representative. Packages left at non-FedEx/UPS staffed sites or FedEx/UPS Drop Boxes are not the responsibility of FedEx/UPS or Stunning Jewelry.
  • To verify that the item has been shipped, get a FedEx/UPS receipt; this receipt will serve as evidence of insurance.
  • You can ship it back using any carrier if you choose to use a different shipping method, but you will be in charge of paying the return shipping costs. To ensure your safety, please send your item securely, requiring a signature upon delivery. You can also ask for a return receipt to receive verification that your product has arrived at Stunning Jewelry.
  • Stunning Jewelry refuses all liability for lost or damaged goods that are shipped back.


  • Our Quality Assurance team will examine and confirm the returned item's condition as soon as we get the returned order.
  • It could take up to seven (7) business days for receipt and inspection
  • Custom order refunds, including Custom special orders, will be applied to your account as shop credit that you can only use on our website in the future.
  • If pre-designed styles were paid for with cash, a bank wire, or another payment method that required further processing, refunds would be given using the original payment method or by check.
  • Please allow up to a one-month billing cycle for credit card refunds before your credit appears.

Our promise of a lifetime warranty

1. Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

  • Our mission at Stunning Jewelry is to provide our clients with lab grown diamonds and fine jewelry. We guarantee that no jewelry ordered from our website will be delivered with manufacturing flaws in craftsmanship or materials and that the lab grown diamonds' optical qualities will never cloud or fade.
  • The finest materials and processes are used in the production of our jewelry and diamonds. At the distribution center, every item is meticulously examined before being shipped.
  • Regardless of item type or price, we provide a Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty to all our clients. The Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to purchases made on as of the date of purchase.

2. Even though we stand behind our product, the following flaws are not covered by the Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty:

  • General deterioration, damage, scratches, loss of center stones, theft, loss of merchandise, or incorrect cleaning and storage.
  • Metals that tarnish or discolor over time because of improper maintenance (examples: submerging jewelry in perfume or other chemicals, using it in a hot tub or swimming pool, etc.)
  • With regular use, precious metals, particularly prongs, tarnish with time. Regular wear and tear may lead the prongs to tighten, opening up the possibility of the stone sliding out. It is not thought that this is a manufacturing flaw.
  • The Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty does not cover stone loss due to trauma or damage.

Your guarantee will be voided if your jewelry is serviced or repaired by a third party other than Stunning Jewelry. This includes but is not limited to ring size and other repairs.

In the unlikely event that a manufacturing defect arises with your purchase, please email Customer Service, and we will provide you with a chargeable postage label to return your jewelry to us (You must pay for return shipping). After receiving the jewelry, we will examine it to see if any damage is protected by our lifetime manufacturing warranty. If it is covered, we will finish the job or, if necessary, replace the item at no additional cost and return it to you. Before any work is done, we will provide you with a pricing quote if the damage is not covered by our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty. We will get payment for the repair and shipment if you accept the quote. After the repair is finished, we will return the item to you.

It is advised that you take jewelry security to protect against misplacement, theft, major harm, and harm to your center stone. Center stone damage can take several forms, such as chipping, cracking, or shattering. Even while diamonds are extremely resilient, normal wear and strain, particularly on rings, can nevertheless cause harm to them.

To take advantage of our Warranty Services, contact Customer Service.

Lifetime Exchange

We offer our customers to Exchange their jewelry with the latest trends because we want them to feel our new styles and incredibly designed jewelry anytime our customer is a Stunning jewelry family and can swap any jewelry with us.

  • To Exchange the jewelry, you must follow a few simple steps
  • We only offer exchange facilities for the products that you bought from us.
  • You must contact customer service and let them know which jewelry you want to exchange.
  • Once we know the details of the jewelry, our experts will provide current valuations of that product as per market prices.
  • Our experts need at least 6-7 days for valuation and then they will give you an estimated valuation of that product.
  • Once you are happy with that valuation Send the item to us at your own expense.
  • Again, our expert will check the jewelry and inspect it deeply and will provide a final evaluation.
  • If you agree with that valuation, we will add the same amount of credit to your account, and you can use it anytime or you can exchange it with any other jewelry with the same price as your previous jewelry value.

Maintenance and Repair

Occasionally, due to normal wear and tear, your jewelry will require maintenance and repairs. We offer these services, and we will be pleased to assist. Since our clients are of utmost importance to us, we will always make every effort to minimize repair expenses while maintaining the piece's integrity. Recall that having repairs done by outside jewelers void the warranty you have with us. We frequently perform side stone replacements, prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating, and complete cleanings. Send the item to us at your own expense, and we will cover the cost of returning it! If you want to discuss having your jewelry fixed or cleaned, please contact Customer Service.


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