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9 Myths About Lab Grown Diamonds | Stunning Jewelry

February 27, 2024

Lab-grown diamonds are the talk of the town these days.

The market for lab-grown diamonds is continuously growing, and all big jewelry brands all over the world have shown their interest in it.

Their affordability and beauty is a major attraction for diamond lovers but some people are still skeptical about its authenticity.

Lab-made diamonds are often misunderstood because of certain misconceptions formed in their minds.

Today we are here to discuss those myths about lab-grown diamonds and provide the actual facts.

Myths Associated With Lab-Grown Diamonds

1) These Diamonds Are Fake

This is probably the most common misconception that comes to people’s minds when they hear the term “lab-grown” or “lab-created”, but the fact is, they are as real as they come.

The characteristics and properties of these diamonds are the same as natural ones, the only difference is that you do not have to dig miles under the earth to get them.

They are made in laboratories by replicating the diamond formation process which takes place under the earth’s mantle, exposing carbon atoms to heat and pressure.

In 2018, even the FTC amended its jewelry guide and prohibited the use of the term “Synthetic” for these diamonds as they are original diamonds only just they are prepared artificially.

In short, these diamonds are as shiny, hard, and as beautiful as natural diamonds.

2) They Don’t Come With A Certificate

This is incorrect. The diamonds that are developed in labs are graded and certified on the same basis and with the same steps as any other gems in the world.

As natural diamonds, they are graded based on cut, clear, color, and carat of the stone.

The certification is so pure that they are certified by the same institute that grades natural diamonds, like IGI ( International Gemological Institution) and GIA ( Gemological Institute of America).

They also come with a quality certificate, which determines their value and every man-made diamond is unique and has different qualities.

3) They Are Not Durable

There is no difference between the physical or chemical properties of laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds.

This misconception is not logical as the arrangement of carbon atoms in both types of diamonds is similar, so the hardness of these diamonds is the same as the natural ones.

Just like any other gems, they keep shining and sparkling through the years. They stay as alluring as freshly out of the lab for years and years to come.

So, there is no such thing as less durability when it comes to lab-made diamonds.

4) They Are Low In Quality

This misconception rises generally for two reasons. First, these diamonds are cheaper than the naturally mined diamonds.

And the second reason is they are easily available.

But that is not the fact.

Just because they are easily available and don’t cost you as much as natural diamonds, they don’t become of low quality.

The actual reason for being easily available is due to advancements in technology and increased production capacity.

Also, people often relate quality with the amount of money they are paying for it, but low in price does not mean low in quality.

With innovation and time, the quality of lab-developed diamonds has improved a lot.

5) They Are Expensive

No, they are not. Lab-grown diamonds are affordable because they are approximately 20- 40% cheaper than mined diamonds of similar quality.

Yes, these diamonds were relatively more expensive when they were first launched in the market than what they are now, but with technological advancements, the same thing now can be produced for lower prices.

The continuous increase in competition and establishment of a more laboratory-grown diamond industry has also resulted in a decrease in its pricing.

This also has opened up a possibility for consumers who used to consider diamonds out of their reach.

6) These diamonds Are Harmful To The Environment

No, they are not harmful to the environment.

There were lots of environmental issues linked with the mining of natural diamonds like deforestation, habitat destruction, and water pollution.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds have a lower environmental impact as they are manufactured with limited natural resources and under a controlled environment in a laboratory.

In addition, these diamonds are the new diamonds for people who are environment-conscious and who want to contribute towards a greener and sustainable future.

7) They Are Not Ethical

Let’s understand why this is not true.

Natural diamonds have been linked with various ethical issues related to human rights abuse for years and that is why they are also called blood diamonds or conflict diamonds.

People are continuously becoming aware of this and do not want to promote this practice by buying diamonds involved with such issues.

But the scenario for the lab-grown diamonds is quite different.

They are undoubtedly ethical as they are made in a controlled and transparent environment with fair labor practices.

Besides this, the laboratory-engineered diamond industry is transparent and provides traceability to consumers, which means consumers will know where, when, and even how (using which method) the diamond is produced.

8) They Lack Sentimental Value

The sentiment value of a diamond or a jewelry piece resides in the emotions, feelings, and legacy attached to it and not so much in its origin.

A diamond piece sometimes holds a generational value, a memory shared, or a mark of a special occasion as a symbol of love and commitment.

It is the sentiment behind which matters. The jewelry made from these diamonds can be as cherished and celebrated as natural diamonds.

In fact, you should be proud of promoting environment friendliness and ethical practices while giving yourself a luxurious look.

9) They sparkle less compared to natural diamonds

Just because these diamonds are artificially made, they don’t sparkle less. Sparkling is an optical property of diamonds that is determined by their cut quality.

Cuts affect how light interacts with the diamond and is reflected back to the viewer’s eye.

Both natural and diamonds that are grown in labs can achieve excellent cut grades that result in exceptional brilliance and sparkle.

So there is no sparkling issue in any lab-made diamonds.


Since the introduction of lab-grown diamonds, the diamond industry has revolutionized.

They are continually becoming popular and it’s quite evident that they are here to stay.

These misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds are not based on facts, they are mere myths that will be no more a problem as people become more aware of them.

So, next time you think of buying these diamonds or jewelry made up of them, let go of misconceptions and keep the facts in mind.

If you are already interested in buying jewelry made up of these diamonds, you should definitely consider Stunning Jewelry for that.

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